I have tried to design the last version of my Solar Tilting Trike (STT) in a way to increase the aerodynamics of the bike.

For this reason I have used a ‘foam’ based fairing that has several advantages:

– cheap and easy to source

– easy to work with (it is thermoformable)

– very light

Main disadvantages are:

– we cannot easily realize a FULL fairing with:

   > the right proportionsthe best aerodynamic shape and with good level of precision.

This means that the aerodynamics is not as good as it should be with a fiberglass/carbon fiber type. 

This approach has already been extensively described in following posts:

– https://gonano.eu/adding-a-fairing
– https://gonano.eu/working-on-aerodynamics-part-two

So I decided to work with a company based in Germany, specialized in this field, to realize a complete fairing in fiberglass/carbon fiber.

We have started with a small model to make sure that we were going to work in the right direction.

Here is a small video to illustrate the agreed shape for the AeroTilt fairing.


After several months of work, even due to the pandemic constraints and difficulties to travel, here are some recent pictures of the prototype


  • front left
    front left
  • front left Aerotilt fairing
    front left Aerotilt fairing 2
  • front Aerotilt fairing
    front Aerotilt fairing
  • back left Aerotilt fairing
    back left Aerotilt fairing
  • back Aerotilt fairing
    back Aerotilt fairing
  • Aerotilt fairing with me inside...
    Aerotilt fairing with me inside…
  • 28-7-21 lateral bottom fairing
    28-7-21 lateral bottom fairing
  • 28-7-21 sitting inside from right
    28-7-21 sitting inside from right

I hope to be able to finalize the building of this prototype in two months, in order to start immediately after all the “test riding” with the AeroTilt in real conditions.

It will probably take some iterations but this is normal with such a innovative type of projects!