200+ km with my Solar Tilting Trike!

I wanted to check the behaviour of the bike on a long trip on the same day: for this reason I decided to choose an itinerary of at least 200km.

The destination I have chosen is roughly 30km in the south of Chartres.

The weather was good but with a constant wind from the south: it’s always better to have the wind blowing from behind you when you go back….


  • Distance 210 km
  • Avg speed 26,2km/h
  • Total bike time 8h 
  • Altitude + 1370m
  • Solar Panels:
  •     Watt max 158
  •     Ah    13
  •     A Max  2,9
  • Cycle Analyst:
  •  >> W/h   848
  •  >> Ah      16   (“Fwd”, including regen)
  •  >> Wh/km  3.7
  •  >> A Max 25
  • >>  Regen 5,6%
  • >> A Min -15  (regen)

  • Quick stop to drink something…
  • Here I stopped close to a small airport in the middle of nowhere, where I met very nice people asking for a lot of questions on my bike!
  • No wonder why here there were so many wind mills, replaced today by wind turbines!

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
09:29:47 08:01:35 210.26 26.20 65.16 1,370.00
hours hours km km/h km/h meters

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  1. Hi Neil,
    this is a recent video from a trip we made from France to Italy (1300km):
    Hope you like it.
    Don’t hesitate to click on the link on the right to my Youtube channel for more videos!

  2. would have loved a video of your ride,well done

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