2018 “Salon Mondial Automobile” in Paris…we were there!

The “Salon Mondial de l’Auto” in Paris is a major event and all main automotive companies are present from all over the world.

This time I had the chance to be invited to expose my Solar Bike as a member of the SunTrip organisation.

This was in the context of the special “Expo Routes Mytiques” to celebrate 120 years since the first show was held in 1898.

I went from home directly to the Exposition at Porte de Versailles in Paris with my solar bike.

I had to go for roughly 30 km with a pretty heavy traffic…but there was a great sunshine, so it was really promising!

  • this the spot reserved for the solar bike!
  • Nice drawing showing the roads of the future….
  • ….but one day later the bike was moved to the corner behind the cars!

I have been going to the expo for several days and I had the pleasure to be often with good friends of mine.

Paul, a very experienced Suntripper was the first to join me and we spent a lot of time going around all the various stands.

Of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to get official pictures with our Sun Trip shirt around my solar bike!

Then I visited the various stands with Simone, another friend of mine, who is very passionate about motorbikes.

But he is also a keen photographer and so I asked him to take some shots with his ‘almost professional’ camera: here below are some of the best ones.

  • close to the bike without shoes…they were forbidden!
  • Solar trike versus electric concept car….
  • view on the ‘futuristic’ stand
  • View from above …going to the stand where Tesla was presenting the new Model 3!

This is the panel with some history and background on the SUNTRIP organisation.

It explains the reasons why this organisation was created by Florian Bailly, which are the technical characteristics of the bikes to be accepted for the tours/races: motor from 250 to 500W, battery capacity up to 1Kwh and solar panels ranging from 300 to 500W.

The main reason to use this type of bikes is to ride farther and quicker without having to stop to recharge the battery.

It talks also about the latest “Lyon to Canton 2018” race with several exceptional exploits: 

– the winner was able to complete the full distance (12000km) less than 50 days

– another participant was able to ride for 427km on one day

– a 70 years old lady who was able to finish the race, despite some serious technical and physical problems, in less than 100 days!

After 10 days the Paris Auto show came to an end, so I had to bring back my bike: I was lucky again, a splendid sunshine was there and I was able to reach home with a great support from my solar panels!

In fact I could bring with me the SunTrip panel which I attached just below the solar panels with adhesive tape!

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