Finally some serious training with the 2019 solar trike!

Since the weather recently has not been very good, with some rain but also often with strong wind, I have not been able to do trainings as I wanted.

Here I want to share two trips I have completed above 100kms:

  • to Chartres: this is one of my favorites tours and I try to repeat it at least once per year
  • to Gisors (parc of Vexin): this is also one of my preferred tours because it is on the way to Dieppe following “Paris London” cycling itinerary.

Here are few pictures from my tour to Chartres: the weather was good but with a pretty strong wind from the North that made my way back quite hard!

  • In front of Chartres cathedral with few people asking many questions!
  • View from below the panels….
  • here we can see how small looks the bike in front of this Cathedral, one of the most beautiful Gothic masterpieces in Europe!
  • Quick stop on the way back….to get some rest and repair from the VERY strong wind.
  • …..peaceful place but still 40km to go back!

Here are some statistics:

  • Distance = 160 km
  • Average speed= 30 km/h
  • Altitude gain: 1012 m
  • Solar Charge: 1028 Wh
  • Peak charge: 280 W
  • Consumption: 566 Wh
  • Wh/Km = 3,5 

And here some pictures I have taken during my last tour to Gisors: the weather was fair, cloudy most of the time and for half way with a pretty strong wind from the North West….

  • …so I need to get off the bike and to push/pull several times 😡
  • Here I am on the itinerary “Paris London”: very nice bike path but….almost impossible to pass !!!
  • ….here I am almost over this stupid barrier
  • Luckily I was able to tilt the solar panels to get through 👍
  • ….and after few minutes I could finally go through and continue my tour!
  • A very nice guy, Fabrice, took this picture: he made a world tour with his rollers !!!👍
  • Here I am almost at La Roche Guyon, we can see the Senna river on the back….

Here are some statistics:

  • Distance = 140 km
  • Average speed= 30 km/h
  • Altitude gain: 780 m
  • Solar Charge: 774 Wh
  • Peak charge: 320 W
  • Consumption: 418 Wh
  • Wh/Km = 3 

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  1. daniele g

    Thanks for your appreciation, it makes me really proud!
    All the best!

  2. Angua

    WoW this is super cool.

    ^^ be safe on the trip my friend

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