My first Solar Tilting Trike – several important upgrades

My STT (Solar Tilting Trike) built in 2018 had already done roughly 7000km.

After all the updates introduced in the last few months, it was time to upgrade my first STT with the latests features:

– the tilting mechanism V2, with connecting rods and integrated suspension

– injection of “Statorade”, to reduce hub motor overheating


 – Replace old tilting mechanism with latest V2 version

 After 7000km the old tilting mechanism was becoming quite noisy and most important it was not very smooth. 
This is a common issue with the V1 of the tilting mechanism as I also experienced last year with the STT2 (2019 model). 
So I prepared a brand new version of the V2 Tilting mechanism and I brought it with me in Italy (where the STT is currently located).I then started to disassembly the old one.


And here below we can see both Tilting mechanisms.

Apart from the design differencies of the V2 (with connecting rods and a yellow elastomer), we can also appreciate that the rear arms are slightly longer (+ 30mm).

This ensures that the tilting behaviour is smoother and the bike feels more stable on straight line. 

It remains anyway progressive/easy to turn.

Old and new V2 Tilting Mechanism

After the first few kms test I realized that the elastomer was not working correctly.

In fact it was completely squeezed as soon as I sat on the bike….

soft elastomer completely squeezed

So I decided to install ONE “SOFT” and ONE “MEDIUM” type of elastomer.

Unfortunately this combination was not working as expected:

– the SOFT was still too soft…

– and the MEDIUM was again too hard.

Medium and Soft elastomers

After further tests the best  solution I could find was the following one:

  • 1 and half SOFT type elastomer
  • half MEDIUM type elastomer

In this case the suspension becomes ‘progressive’:

  • first it is quite ‘soft’
  • then in the final part it is ‘harder’


Injection of “Statorade”, to reduce hub motor overheating

After having discussed with the manufacturer of my hub motor ‘Falco’ I decided to follow their advise.

The process was as follows:

  • I bought a “Statorade” kit (10ml)   from
  • then I drilled a 1,5mm hole at the required distance from the axle
  • I could then inject the required quantity (5ml) of Statorade    (see image below).

In a next post I will share various tests to check that the ‘overheating’ problem was solved (or at least seriously reduced).

Statorade injection

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  1. IETTER+Alain

    EXcellent point sur tes derniers travaux, mise au point de ton fameux tilting system, bravo …ici, je me rejouis de re essayer mon rapto tilting trike, mais pour le moment, je n en suis encore qu à finir de mettre au point mes freins avant et arriere, j ai enfin monté ma roue motorisée et connections electriques, essais ensuite en roulage, puis seulement après, adaptation solaire bien sûr …donc du coup, je ne serai pas prèt pour le ST CORSE .

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