Rear luggage rack

One of the advantages of the tilting trike is that we are now able to use all the new space that exists between both rear wheels.

To be able to do this I have created an aluminium rack to be installed between both rear wheels.

Here is a view from the back


The challenge to build this aluminium structure was to use all the available space in the rear and at the same time to avoid any contact with the tilting mechanism.

This rack is very practical because we can put a bag inside: this can be easily fixed.

Here below is an example of how I have been able to pack all my bags for the SunTrip prologue I completed in June-July this year:

– 40L bag: in the rear rack

– Tent, sleeping bag and tool’s kit: below the seat


  • The rear rack with a container to ensure the bag doesn’t fall laterally
  • View from the real left of the bike fully loaded
  • View from the left, we can appreciate how the bags are well positioned under/behind the seat
  • View from the front right
  • This view from the back shows how compact it’s the full load behind the seat


After few months I have been using it I am really happy: the only point is that this structure should be at least 25cm higher.

This is because my bag sometimes was leaning sideways, slightly rubbing on rear tires.

So I will modify the aluminium structure to make sure that the bag is kept in the vertical position without any chance to get in contact with rear tires.


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