Upgraded Tilting lock mechanism

Every Tilting mechanism should be designed in a way that it also enable the bike to stand vertically when it is required by the rider.

Our Tilting mechanism’s design fulfills this basic requirement: in fact it does rely on a specific “Tilt lock” solution.

It is based on the possibility to lock simultaneously both rear disks.

In the following video there is an explanation on how this is actually working

Here are some advantages of this “Tilt Lock” solution:

  • Simple implementation
  • Easy to be used
  • No additional hardware required
  • Safety (the bike cannot accidentally move when the Tilt Lock is activated)

There is one disadvantage with this solution:

  • It can only be used when the trike is stopped (since it requires both rear disks to be blocked). This means at at very low speed the trike may still ‘fall’ as if it were a classic “2 wheels” bike.

Having used this solution for the last 3 years, I have never really felt that I was missing something.

On the other hand, few people that were very interested on this “Tilting mechanism” have requested to be able to move (at very low speed) with both rear arms “locked”.

This means basically that when pedalling at very low speeds they would not need to keep their balance as they would have to do with a classic “2 wheels” bike. 

For this reason I have done many researches to find the best way to come up with a solution for this explicit requirement.

     REQUIREMENT DEFINITION: having the ability to keep the trike vertical when moving at very low speed

Here below is the NEW prototype (V3) which contains the answer to the specific need adressed here above.

Here on the left we can see from the top:

  • semi-disk brake attached to the flat bar linking both rear arms.
  • disk brake caliper (with red cable), connected to a brake lever on the handlebar.
  • this caliper is attached with a flat steel plate to the suspension sledge.
V3 Tilting mechanism

Here on the left it is a similar view where we can see from the back, indicated with my hand:

  • semi-disk brake attached to the flat bar linking both rear arms.
  • disk brake caliper (with red cable).
  • this caliper is attached with a flat steel plate to the suspension sledge. This means that when the suspension is activated, this device is sliding as well.

Here below we can see a video that shows both “Tilt lock” solutions

V3 Tilting mechanism-2

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  1. Matthew Johnson

    Is your tilt mechanism for sale? Can you let me know on cost, availability and shipping to the US. How much does it weigh?
    Thanks, Matthew

  2. Paul Groothuis

    Hello Daniele , this looks like a very nice solution for creating a tilting recumbent bike , very interested on adding it to my own bike .
    Could you send me some price details and information on the different models .Thanks in advance

  3. david plantenga, 1320 Cadillac West, Kokomo, IN

    Wanting purchase details for a Cruzbike v20
    Thank you

  4. Andrey Revyakin

    This is a very neat solution, Daniele. Looking forward to trying to put this together.

  5. daniele

    when I use the rear brakes there are two cases:
    – I can pull them quite gently (they have 2 x 180mm disks…) so I can slow down my bike
    – I pull them hard when I am slowing down and I need to stop: in this case the bike does keep vertical
    If I need to slow down in a turn I can still pull the rear brakes ‘gently’: in this case no problem to enter the turn.
    To be noted that I use systematically the FRONT brake, which is also helping a lot with ‘regenerative braking’.

  6. Yurii

    I recently assembled a similar mechanism and ran into the following problem: when you go down a mountain and the road goes with a turn, then when the brakes are pressed, I cannot enter the turn.In this case, you have to use the brake on the front wheel, and this is not enough for a safe descent. How do you deal with this situation?


    Hello, I am really interested in purchasing the V-3 mechanism for a cruzbike v20, which I am ordering soon. I live in the United states, close to the Los Angeles area in California. I am going to leave you with my e-mail. Thank you.

    1. daniele

      Hi, thanks for your interest on my project ! I answered by PM.

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