Spezi 2019, we were there!

Last weekend we went to Germersheim for the Spezi exhibition to bring the last Solar Tilting trike.

On Saturday we had the possibility to bring the trike to the Inventors area: we were 10 participants, elected from the jury to be present to show our new products and ideas.

There were many visitors during the day who kept asking a lot of questions, always very curious and happy to discover new technology and solutions.

The competition amongst all participants was really great: at the end of the day the jury elected the first three products who were more interesting and innovative.

But the Solar Tilting trike unfortunately was not one of them…

On Sunday we went back to our stand in front of Hall 1: unfortunately the weather was again quite bad and the rain stopped only after lunch.

Many visitors stopped to ask many questions on different things like:

solar panels: type, technical characteristics, installation

battery, motor: technical details, power, consumption, reason for choosing against others

tilting mechanism: how does it work, why is it so important for a solar bike, how does it feel when riding, could it be installed on different bikes, is it possible to buy and how/where to get it.

So it was a very intense day, we hardly left the stand empty for few minutes… and we could not really enjoy and visit all different stands of the exposition!

Here below are some pictures of this great event: next year it will be the 25th edition and I will definitely be there again!

  • the solar bike loaded on a rented van
  • installing our stand on Friday afternoon…close to Velomobiel.nl!
  • as soon we finished to set up the tent…it started to rain!
  • setting up the small place we had in the inventor’s tent on Saturday, under the rain….
  • In the “inventors stand” at Spezi, by chance close to a “Solar trailer” from another inventor.
  • my wife Cristina in the inventor’s tent helping me to answer to all German visitors!
  • with my Suntrip friend François!
  • always pretty busy stand at the “inventors tent”!
  • Demonstrating with both feet on the pedals how the bike stands vertically, by pulling the rear brakes to lock the tilting mechanism.
  • our stand on Sunday ready to receive all visitors !
  • many people asking a lot of questions and always very curious to discover the tilting mechanism!
  • test ride of a velomobile, it was a great experience!
  • After 2 long days we came back …and I was able to bring back the van and come back home with my e-bike !

And this is just a quick preview from Gary Solomon from his youtube channel “Laidback Bike Report” on Spezi 2019 Review.

Gary is going to publish the full review in few days and I will definitely put a link so you can also enjoy !

Here is the video from Gary where there is a pretty complete  interview on my trike: you can find it at 33’35”, it’s really great to watch!

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  1. Gary Solomon

    Daniele-I received this question from a viewer today. Can you answer?

    Hello Gary

    The gentleman you interviewed that had the trike with solar panels and I heard him say that he started to sale the trike convention for the Cruz bike!

    Do you have any information on were one could order the trike conversion?

    Thank You
    Jerry Olson

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Gary Solomon

    Hi Daniel-I’m finishing the video up right now. Should be out within a day or so. Best of luck-Gary

    1. daniele g

      Hi Gary, great news, thanks! There were so many interesting things in Spezi this year that collecting them in one video is not so easy!

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