The AeroTilt has finally arrived!

After more than one year I was finally able to go to Germany to bring back the new AeroTilt!

Given the fact that on that day it was very windy and quite rainy I preferred not to take any risks and therefore I have decided not to perform any dynamic testing.

We were still able with Juergen to work on the fairing to increase by few cm the room behind my feet when sitting on the bike 

Another area that clearly required some improvements was the bottom part of the fairing. 

This has been done with a carbon fibre “0,5 mm” sheet: given its pretty large size (50cm x 100cm) it was definitely too thin and there were a lot of vibrations. 

So after a long trip back I was able to take some pictures of the new AeroTilt in front of my house!

  • AeroTilt is back!
    AeroTilt is back!
  • AeroTilt from the top
    AeroTilt from the top
  • AeroTilt from the back
    AeroTilt from the back
  • AeroTilt access
    AeroTilt access
  • AeroTilt with Tesla
    AeroTilt with Tesla

Here are the first modifications/changes I have done:

  • install small windscreen
  • reinforce carbon fibre at the bottom
  • rear opening split
  • EFNEO 3 speeds gearbox installation
  • Here I have installed a  small windscreen

  • This is much more practical than the aero cap even if it is less efficient from an aerodynamic point of view
  • I have bought 2 thicker carbon fibre plates (2.5mm thick) 

  • Then I have glued them to reinforce the one at the bottom of the fairing

The rear opening was quite big and not so practical to open.

Moreover it was not following exactly the profile of the outside fairing.


So I have split this cover on two parts:

  • a vertical part that can stay attached to the main fairing 
  • an ‘horizontal’ that can be removed more easily to access the baggage space
rear opening split
rear opening split 2

EFNEO 3 speeds gearbox installation.

Since I could not install a front derailleur I have decided to choose a 3 speeds gearbox from EFNEO

It comes with a grip shift type of shifter and it was supposed to be very easy to be installed.

Efneo Gearbox and shifter

Unfortunately the installation process was not so easy…

The main problem is that after having installed and (gently…) tightened the gearbox, it was not turning freely as it was before!

So I had to try several times and also to check that there was not any contact between the gearbox and the frame.

I finally succeeded to install the gearbox without any friction left.

When I tried to install the right pedal it was not possible because the screw thread was poorly finished.

So I had to re-thread it to be able to install the pedal

Efneo right crank filing

So I was able to test the gearbox: unfortunately after few tentatives the chain dropped out several times…

I checked the reason: the EFNEO standard ring (38 teeth) was poorly finished, the teeth having a ‘square’ shape that was not pulling correctly the chain.

So I had to replace the ring with a new one: after that I had no other problems.

Efneo chainring is pulling the chain out

So I have been able to start doing some tests: here it is a short ride I made around my place.

Next important step will be the installation of a hub motor and of a battery: unfortunately delivery times are much longer than in the past.

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  1. Congrats, Daniele !
    The fairing looks truely amazing !! Looking forward to the electrified version, and some field testing.

    1. Thanks Damien! A lot of work but the result pays off!

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