New interesting site is available for all solar bike enthusiasts!

Since few weeks it is available a new very interesting web site:

It has been created for all people who would like to build their own solar bike, to better understand how it works or at least to be able to order one from a supplier.

Since solar bikes cannot be purchased as regular e-bikes but have to be adapted specifically depending on  precise requirements, it is important to gain some basic understanding before going any further.

In fact this source of information is collected to better understand the available options according to specific needs.

I have been asked to contribute to this ‘knowledge base’ and I have joined this initiative with a lot of enthusiasm!

Here is the article I prepared to introduce my first Solar Tilting Trike (STT):

You may be able to recognize the content of above article from the description I made some time ago on my initial design of this STT solution:

I am sure you also find it interesting for all your curiosities and specific questions!

In any case don’t hesitate to navigate amongst the different menu options.

You will find a lot of rich content that is not available elsewhere in an unique place and for very different aspects of this ‘solar biking’ world! 

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