Spezi it was a lot of fun!

Last month we had a booth at the Spezi exhibit in Lauchringen, in the south of Germany.

This time we were able to bring 2 bikes:

  • the AeroTilt, a completely faired Tilting Trike with electrical assistance
  • a Tilting Trike (Performer) for visitors to be able to perform test rides

We had a lot of visitors with many good questions, observations and requests for having a test ride.

At the end of two days, more than 40 people were able to perform a test ride: probably there could have been even more but with only one available bike it was not possible.

Moreover we had very often to adjust the length of the boom to allow all size of riders: this was also quite time consuming…

The test track inside the building was unbelievably crowdy, narrow and with very tight turns.

So we preferred to use the outside test tracks for the visitors to have a better feeling and riding experience.

We had on display one of our Tilting units to show how it works and to explain the functionality in detail.

At the end of the last day we have actually sold it to a visitor who was willing to install it on his DIY bike.

Here below are some images of these two days with some good moments talking to all the visitors.

It was definitely a great moment for us especially because for the first time we had so many people riding on one of our Tilting trikes.

It is very important to listen to comments/suggestions/remarks to help us to improve our Tilting mechanism!

Here is an interview with Gary Solomon from Laidback Bike Report channel where we describe:

  • the tilting unit we sell as an ‘add on kit’
  • the AeroTilt as a prototype for future versions

Not a lot of space in the van for our 2 bikes…but we were able to bring with us also the stuff we needed to install our booth.

Unfortunately this time we could not bring a Solar Tilting Trike since we would have needed to use a bigger (and more expensive!) van.

In 2 days we drove a total of 1200kms from our place outside of Paris to the south of Germany near to the swiss border and the Black Forest.

Not a lot of space in the van for our 2 bikes...

This was our booth, just before all the visitors could get access to the exhibit!

Booth Solar Bikes

Here my friend Philippe is explaining how the Tilting mechanism works to some visitors.

In the background we can see a couple of people waiting to start their test ride!

With some SunTrip old friends, visiting our booth even if this time we had no Solar bike !

With some SunTrip old friends!
With some SunTrip old friends!

Here below we can see few happy test riders!

In general they found quite easy to ride this Tilting trike, with good fun.

At low speed it still requires a little more time to get fully used to it.

happy test riders!

Here we are modifying the length of the boom of the test bike.

We had only 2 cases were this was not possible for two people who were:

  • very tall (more than 2 meters)
  • and very small (less than 1,6 meters)

We feel very sorry for them!

Before each ride we were spending few minutes to show how the bike works, (including the ’tilt lock’), how to start pedalling with both feet and where to perform the test ride.

As a quick summary I think that visitors were really keen to accept a new challenge with a completely different approach to ride:

  • with a recumbent bike with 3 wheels
  • and with a Tilting mechanism!
giving some instructions

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  1. Bob Morley

    Hi my name is Bob Morley. I hve a flevelo recumbent bike and have just watched the Laidback Bike report featuing your tilting unit and my question is could it fit my flevelo ? One other thing, the wheels I would be using are fitted with Sturmey Archer hub brakes.

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