Solar tilting trike at Spezi 2019

I always wanted to go to visit the SPEZI exhibit,  the world’s largest show for recumbents, recumbent tricycles, folding cycles, tandems, family cycles, velomobiles, transporters, electrical bikes, customised designs and accessories…


This time I have decided to go to Spezi 2019 but not as a ‘simple’ visitor… but as an exhibitor!

This exhibit takes place every year in Germersheim (Germany) during the last weekend in April.

So if you want to see one of my Solar Tilting Trikes you can come to Spezi on April 27th and 28th and we will be happy to show all the technical features of this unique kind of solar bike, including the special tilting mechanism (patent pending) that is designed specifically for this prototype solution.

Here below is a quick presentation of the “Solar Bikes” I have designed and built which is going also to be included in the official exhibit catalogue.

Spezi 2019 Solar Bikes

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